Population Impact - Main Points

The below summary was last updated July 2019

  • Four-fifths of population growth in the UK is the direct and indirect result of immigration – see our paper and the most recent ONS population projections.
  • Immigration added more than a million people to the UK (about equivalent to the population of Birmingham) every 3 years between 2001 and 2016 (more here).
  • The population hit a record 66.4 million in 2018. It rose by more than 4 million - equivalent to nearly half of London's population - over the past decade.
  • At current levels of immigration the UK population is projected to rise by a further 7.5 million over the next twenty years.
  • 80% of this increase, some six million additional people, would be due to immigration – equivalent to doubling the populations of Greater Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Leicester and Sheffield.
  • The UK is already the most crowded large country in Europe.
  • 64% say the population is increasing too quickly; nearly three-quarters say the UK is crowded (YouGov polls, 2016-18)
  • Every serious study dismisses immigration as a way of addressing an ageing population. It would amount to a giant Ponzi scheme requiring continuous and ever-increasing flows of immigration, as previous arrivals themselves age.
  • The answer to an ageing population is for older people to work longer as many prefer to do. Employers need to adjust.
  • A sharp reduction in immigration is an urgent necessity in order to slow overcrowding, preserve our quality of life, save our beautiful green countryside and ease pressure on vital public services.

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