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Founded in 2001, we have a clear track record of getting our estimates right.

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Migration Watch UK comment on how Conservative voters strongly favour reducing immigration

A shock poll, commissioned by Migration Watch UK and published today (see details here ), illustrates the huge gap between Conservative supporters and the two candidates who are vying…
26 July, 2022 - Press Release

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Net immigration in year to June 2020 estimated at 247,000
Migration statistics can be used to estimate the flow of migrants in and out of the UK and to estimate the number of migrants living in the UK (the stock). One estimate of the flow of migrants is the…
19 May, 2021
Nearly 7 Million GP Registrations By Migrants Since 2010
General practice in England alone provides over 300 million patient consultations each year. But what pressure does the uncontrolled, mass immigration that we have now put on the NHS? Analysis of sta…
17 May, 2022

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Exclusive: Royal Navy backs out of Channel migrant patrols
Telegraph (16-Aug-2022)
The Royal Navy is planning to end its role in charge of tackling Channel migrants, The Telegraph has learned
The Ministry of Defence is to end its control of Channel migrant operations early next year, GB News can confirm
GB News (16-Aug-2022)
Now the Ministry of Defence has also confirmed to ministers that it intends to cease Command and Control operations in the Channel
Nigel Farage says Britain ‘being made to look an international laughing stock’ over migrant policies
GB News (16-Aug-2022)
Nigel Farage has said Britain is “being made to look an international laughing stock” over the “failure” of its migrant policies
In 2021 only five percent of the visas given out by the UK government went to EU citizens
GB News (16-Aug-2022)
A new report has shown the number of EU citizens moving to the UK has fallen since Brexit
To defend our freedoms, we must be honest about the dangers we face
Telegraph (15-Aug-2022)
The attack on Sir Salman Rushdie is further evidence that we are conceding to violence and fear

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