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Actor born and bred in London, 33, faces deportation to mother's homeland of Jamaica despite only visiting twice because he spent three years in jail for robbery a decade ago
Mail Online (07-May-2021)
A British Eastenders actor faces deportation to Jamaica despite only visiting the country twice as a child.
Home Office DID discriminate against Windrush families by insisting on charging them '
Mail Online (07-May-2021)
The Home Office unlawfully discriminated against a Windrush woman after charging 'exorbitant' application fees
'Stay OUT of politics!' Ben & Jerry's ice cream accuses UK of nightmare immigration policy
Daily Express (07-May-2021)
BEN & JERRY's ice cream has been blasted for accusing the UK of having a 'nightmare immigration policy'.
Around 500 failed ­asylum seekers return to Britain after being kicked out every year
The Sun (04-May-2021)
AROUND 500 failed ­asylum seekers kicked out of the country every year sneak back in
UK boat suppliers warned to be on alert for people smugglers
Guardian (30-Apr-2021)
Boat suppliers have been warned that they face organised crime groups coming to them to buy or steal vessels for people smuggling

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