Immigration by Students - Main Points

  • Genuine international students are of distinct economic benefit to the country.
  • There is no cap on the number of genuine students who can come to study in the UK, neither is there a cap on the number who can switch into work if offered a skilled job.
  • Applications from non-EU students to study at UK universities have increased by 17% since 2010 and applications to Russell Group universities have increased by 47%.
  • In 2012 extensive reform of the student route was introduced to tackle abuse. Since then around 900 bogus colleges have been closed.
  • Exit checks, recently introduced, show that 97% of those who should have left in 2015/16, did so on time but they also showed that large numbers are extending for further study, work or for family reasons - 60,000. Some of these will eventually add to our population.
  • Students should therefore continue to be included in the net migration statistics, as indeed is the case for all our major competitors.

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