Media Reports Archive : November 2021

The best way to beat the Channel traffickers is to let refugees enter the UK legally

The art of politics often boils down to how convincingly a person can state something they wish were true

Telegraph - 30 Nov 2021

MPs seek to offer young Hong Kongers easier path to UK citizenship

“The BNO scheme lives up to our obligations to Hong Kong, and we need to make sure that all are included.”

Telegraph - 30 Nov 2021

French PM to offer Boris Johnson EU migration deal after Channel deaths

The French prime minister is preparing to offer Boris Johnson a post-Brexit deal with the EU on migration

Telegraph - 30 Nov 2021

UK is accused of 'modern slavery' as tit-for-tat row with France over migrant row turns ugly

The war of words between Britain and France over the Channel migrant crisis intensified last night

Mail Online - 30 Nov 2021

Migrant Channel tragedy: Police passed us on, says survivor

Mohammad Khaled described how he saw fellow passengers drown one by one during the crossing of the Channel.

The Times - 30 Nov 2021

Healthcare sector dominates skilled migration outside London

London has been most affected by the drop in migration caused by the Covid pandemic

Financial Times - 30 Nov 2021

As long as fractured British-French relationship continues, so will Channel tragedies

Britain and France would “make this deadly route unviable”

Telegraph - 25 Nov 2021

Migrants treated 'like animals' as border officials accused of taking bribes

An Iraqi people smuggler has told Sky News that officials are helping migrants cross borders illegally

Sky News - 25 Nov 2021

Boris Johnson says he will 'accelerate' border crackdown after migrants drown in Channel

Boris Johnson tonight said he will 'accelerate' a borders crackdown

The Mirror - 25 Nov 2021

The day the luck ran out: How the migrant tragedy unfolded in the Channel

Hours before the disaster, the French police had stood and watched

Telegraph - 25 Nov 2021

French cops idly watch as migrant rafts head for UK hours before 27 including 5 women and young girl die in the Channel

AT least 27 UK-bound migrants drowned yesterday when their tiny inflatable ­capsized

The Sun - 25 Nov 2021

Channel migrants: UK and France agree need for action after boat deaths

The UK and France will keep 'all options on the table' as they try to stop migrants crossing the Channel

BBC - 25 Nov 2021

'Impossible to know' if asylum seekers converting to Christianity are genuine, says Church

Ben Ryan, home affairs adviser at the Church, said that without opening a “window to the soul”

Telegraph - 23 Nov 2021

UK 'actively pursuing' returns agreement with France on migrant crossings, Home Secretary Priti Patel tells MPs

The UK is 'actively pursuing' a returns agreement with France to tackle migrant crossings in the English Channel

Sky News - 23 Nov 2021

Migrant bus trips to Dungavel immigration detention facility condemned

Patel told MPs that regions around the UK needed to “play their part” in offering accommodation to asylum seekers

The Times - 23 Nov 2021

French reject offer of police beach patrols to stop migrants crossing the Channel

France is said to have rejected the offer amid concerns that it represents a breach of its sovereignty

The Times - 23 Nov 2021

Priti Patel put under ‘immense pressure’ by No 10 and Tory MPs over Channel crossings

Supporters of Patel said they did not recognise claims she has been targeted by Downing Street

Guardian - 23 Nov 2021

FREEBIE BRITAIN Britain’s soft immigration stance and smorgasbord of benefits will NEVER stop boats crossing channel, says Mercy Muroki

Around 25,000 migrants have made the journey this year, dwarfing last year’s 8,500

The Sun - 23 Nov 2021

Shameless gangs shoot videos of fake Channel crossings to tout for business: SUE REID investigates how migrant traffickers have gained the upper hand in Dunkirk

His face obscured by a Covid mask, the small man stands among throngs of migrants near a dense forest in Dunkirk

Mail Online - 23 Nov 2021

Boris Govt Plan to Send Boat Migrants to Albania ‘Will Never Happen’, Says Albanian Govt

Hints in British media that Channel migrants will be sent to Albania are “fake news”

Breitbart - 19 Nov 2021

STEPHEN GLOVER: If the Tories don't tackle immigration, a crisis will become a catastrophe

Does Boris Johnson care about the increasing numbers of migrants who are risking their lives by crossing the English Channel?

Mail Online - 18 Nov 2021

Channel migrants are set to be flown to ALBANIA to a new asylum centre at cost of £100,000-a-head as French deny agreeing to stop all crossings

Channel migrants who reach Britain could be fast-tracked to an off-shore processing centre in Albania, it was reported last night

Mail Online - 18 Nov 2021

We got lucky, say investigators who believe Liverpool bomb was set off by accident

The terrorist bomb detonated at a Liverpool hospital may have gone off when it was 'jostled'

The Telegraph - 18 Nov 2021

Channel crossings: Fresh UK-France tensions as minister admits only five migrants returned to Europe this year

Efforts between the UK and France to stem illegal Channel crossings have been hit by fresh tensions

Sky News - 18 Nov 2021

Decathlon halts canoe sales to curb English Channel migrant crossings

Sporting retailer Decathlon has pulled canoes from sale in northern France to stop migrants from using them to cross the English Channel

BBC - 18 Nov 2021

Britain and France vow to stop '100 per cent' of Channel migrant crossings

Priti Patel and her French counterpart have pledged to stop “100 per cent” of migrant crossings

Telegraph - 16 Nov 2021

The day terror came to Liverpool - and why brutal blast remains shrouded in mystery

At just before 11am on Sunday, a black people carrier pulling up outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital blew up

Telegraph - 16 Nov 2021

MAIL ON SUNDAY COMMENT: Border controls are a necessary part of any civilised state

Tory MPs from the former Red Wall seats seized from Labour in 2019 have begun to revolt

Mail Online - 16 Nov 2021

Children carried ashore and jet-ski recovered as more migrants cross Channel

Young children were carried ashore in Dover on Monday after more people risked death crossing the English Channel

Independent - 16 Nov 2021

GMB viewers gobsmacked as reporter approaches migrants in tiny dinghy on the Channel

Good Morning Britain viewers were not impressed on Tuesday as the ITV show filmed live from the Channel

The Mirror - 16 Nov 2021

Dunkirk's deadly New Jungle: The squalid, rubbish-strewn shanty camp where migrants wait to flee France for Britain

The migrants call the camp the New Jungle after the infamous shanty town housing 8,000 in Calais

Mail Online - 16 Nov 2021

Home Office spent thousands on pizzas for hungry Channel migrants

Border Force ordered so many Domino’s pizzas to feed Channel migrants last week that the Dover branch was forced to close to the public

The Times - 16 Nov 2021

Only FOUR crooks were kicked out of Britain on latest deportation flight after 33 were removed following appeals

Only four foreign criminals were on a deportation flight to Jamaica

Mail Online - 11 Nov 2021

Murderers and child sex offenders dodge deportation to Jamaica after ‘galling’ last-minute appeals

The four foreign national offenders on board had been convicted of serious crimes including violence and drug offences.

The Telegraph - 11 Nov 2021

Poland and the EU must resist the blackmail of Belarus

By becoming a human trafficker, Lukashenko is lashing out at the European sanctions

Financial Times - 11 Nov 2021

English Channel rescue mission launched as eight boats spotted with hundreds at sea

BORDER FORCE has responded to reports of eight small boats in the English Channel

Daily Express - 11 Nov 2021

Britain's population could be 400,000 higher than official count: Number of EU citizens living in UK is 'up to 20% above' government estimates, Oxford study says

The number of European Union citizens in Britain could be 400,000 higher than the Office for National Statistics figure

Mail Online - 11 Nov 2021

Islamist terrorists taking psychology courses to convince prison bosses they are deradicalised

Islamist terrorists are taking psychology courses to help them deceive prison bosses into believing they are deradicalised

Telegraph - 9 Nov 2021

Border Force STILL refuses to follow Priti Patel's orders to turn migrants boats around mid-Channel as they pick up another 20 trying to make it to UK

Border Force is refusing to implement Priti Patel's plan to turn back migrant boats

Mail Online - 9 Nov 2021

Indian cricket coach who stole man's identity to overstay his visa in UK by SEVEN years is caught out when victim went to get his Covid jab and was told he had already had it

An Indian cricket coach who stole another man's identity to stay in the UK was only discovered when the real man went to get his Covid jab

Mail Online - 9 Nov 2021

Home Office prepares for third attempt to deport 50 Jamaicans convicted of serious crimes

Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, is preparing a third attempt to deport as many as 50 Jamaicans

Telegraph - 2 Nov 2021

Number of migrants crossing the Channel was SIX TIMES higher last month than in October 2020, figures show - despite Priti Patel’s vows to clamp down

There was nearly a sixfold increase in the number of migrants crossing the Channel compared to October last year

Mail Online - 2 Nov 2021

More than 900 foreign criminals including murderers, robbers and rapists are on the loose in the UK

THE Government has lost more than 900 foreign criminals including murderers, over 50 robbers and almost 40 rapists and sex offenders

Mail Online - 2 Nov 2021

Germany says more than 5,000 migrants arrived from Belarus in October

German police say they registered more than 5,000 unauthorised border crossings last month

Euronews - 2 Nov 2021

Number of migrants crossing Channel SIX times higher year-on-year despite Patel's reforms

ALMOST six times as many migrants crossed the Channel into Britain last month than in October last year

Daily Express - 2 Nov 2021


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