Media Reports Archive : October 2019

Population to hit 70m in a decade

Immigration fuels ‘staggering’ rise in numbers

The Times - 30 Oct 2019

UK population set to rise by 3 million in next decade due to net migration increases

By mid-2031, the population is projected to pass 70 million.

The Independent - 30 Oct 2019

'Bursting at the seams, but UK’s population explosion continues'

Office for National Statistics figures project that Immigration will fuel a 'staggering' rise in the UK population over the next ten years.

Conservative Woman - 22 Oct 2019

Home Secretary Priti Patel says she will HALVE migrant Channel crossings within weeks and virtually eliminate the trips by spring next year

Action plan with France vows to make crossings an 'infrequent phenomenon'.

Daily Mail - 16 Oct 2019

Just 6% of illegal migrants crossing the Channel since December are deported by UK

Boris Johnson said the UK would send back migrants arriving illegally on small boats - but Sky News found few have been deported.

Sky News - 11 Oct 2019


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