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Turning the tide: how to deal with Britain’s new migrant crisis

The first is that Britain has borders. It also has a legal immigration and asylum system

The Spectator - 2 Aug 2021

No need to risk the channel - migrants take the air route

Home Office statistics show that 36,000 people sought asylum in the UK last year

The Times - 2 Aug 2021

Tragedy in the Channel: Suspected kingpin trafficker who is thought to have organised the deadly dinghy trip that killed a toddler, two, is arrested

A French and British undercover police operation led to the 36-year-old Iranian-Kurd’s capture at his spacious home in Denmark

Mail Online - 2 Aug 2021

Dozens of jihadists are set to claim right to return to UK after High Court judges ruled it was unlawful to strip grandmother ISIS suspect of her British citizenship

A grandmother who was stripped of her British citizenship over fears she was an ISIS sympathiser has won a High Court battle

Mail Online - 2 Aug 2021

People smugglers ‘using small boats as decoys for vessels carrying more than 80 migrants’

Channel people smugglers are using smaller boats as decoys to pave the way for vessels carrying more than 80 migrants

Telegraph - 27 Jul 2021

Migration 'drives 90% of population rise': Rise in numbers in recent years was driven by immigrants and UK-born offspring, analysis suggests

Some 90 per cent of population growth in recent years has been driven by immigrants and their UK-born offspring

Mail Online - 27 Jul 2021

More Albanian prisoners will be deported from British jails to serve their sentences in home country under new deal as figures show 1,500 are currently in custody - the highest of any foreign national

More Albanian criminals will be expelled from England and Wales and transferred to prisons in their home country

Mail Online - 27 Jul 2021

Young children in blankets and lifejackets are brought ashore and as group arrive at Dover- after 400 migrants crossed the Channel on Sunday

Almost 400 migrants arrived on British shores on Sunday - taking the total number of people to arrive so far this year soaring past 9,000

Mail Online - 27 Jul 2021

France says UK CAN'T turn around migrant dinghies as 2,000 would-be refugees gather on far side of the Channel preparing to make the deadly crossing

Britain has made a dramatic offer to pick up and return migrant boats in the Channel that resist French intervention

Mail Online - 27 Jul 2021

Boris must tell the Tories what he wants his Government to be

Conventional politics are making a comeback

Telegraph - 27 Jul 2021

Illegal boat arrivals erode trust in democracy

The idea of taking back control – central to Brexit – applies strongly to immigration

Telegraph - 27 Jul 2021

Priti Patel is criticised by Cabinet colleagues over concerns immigration rules are contributing to a shortage of food on supermarket shelves

Priti Patel was criticised by Cabinet colleagues last week over concerns that immigration rules are contributing to a shortage of food

Mail Online - 26 Jul 2021

Member of people smuggling gang linked to deaths of 39 Vietnamese migrants in Essex lorry is ordered to pay families of the victims £3,000

A member of a people-smuggling gang linked to the deaths of 39 Vietnamese men, women and children has been ordered to pay the bereaved families £3,000

Mail Online - 26 Jul 2021

Almost 600 migrant Channel crossings at weekend

The home secretary pledged her 'unwavering determination' to stop migrants crossing the English channel

BBC - 26 Jul 2021


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