Lord Green of Deddington

The Queen conferred a peerage on Sir Andrew Green on 21 October 2014 on the recommendation of the Prime Minister, David Cameron. The Prime Minister nominates direct to HM The Queen a limited number of candidates for Cross Bench peerages, based on their public service. The number of appointments covered under this arrangement is a maximum of ten in any one five year parliament.

Lord Green was a professional diplomat for 35 years. He studied Natural Sciences and Economics at Cambridge before taking a three year Short Service Commission in the Royal Green Jackets. On joining the Diplomatic Service in 1965, he studied Arabic in the Lebanon. Thereafter, he spent half his career in the Middle East where he served in six posts. The remainder of his service was divided between London, Paris and Washington. He was Ambassador in Syria (1991-94) and then Director for the Middle East in the Foreign Office before serving for four and a half years as Ambassador in Saudi Arabia. He was Knighted in 1998 and retired in June 2000.

He has since devoted his time to voluntary work. Apart from chairing Migration Watch UK, he has been Chairman of Medical Aid for Palestinians, and was, for a number of years, a board member of Christian Solidarity Worldwide, a human rights organisation which speaks for Christians and others around the world who are suffering persecution for their beliefs.

Lord Green co-founded Migration Watch UK towards the end of 2001 together with David Coleman, now Professor Emeritus of Demography at Oxford University. He describes its purpose as follows:

This is an independent organisation. We have no political axes to grind. We simply believe that the public are entitled to know the facts about immigration, presented in a comprehensible form.

Revised November, 2016