Media Reports Archive : July 2021

People smugglers ‘using small boats as decoys for vessels carrying more than 80 migrants’

Channel people smugglers are using smaller boats as decoys to pave the way for vessels carrying more than 80 migrants

Telegraph - 27 Jul 2021

Migration 'drives 90% of population rise': Rise in numbers in recent years was driven by immigrants and UK-born offspring, analysis suggests

Some 90 per cent of population growth in recent years has been driven by immigrants and their UK-born offspring

Mail Online - 27 Jul 2021

More Albanian prisoners will be deported from British jails to serve their sentences in home country under new deal as figures show 1,500 are currently in custody - the highest of any foreign national

More Albanian criminals will be expelled from England and Wales and transferred to prisons in their home country

Mail Online - 27 Jul 2021

Young children in blankets and lifejackets are brought ashore and as group arrive at Dover- after 400 migrants crossed the Channel on Sunday

Almost 400 migrants arrived on British shores on Sunday - taking the total number of people to arrive so far this year soaring past 9,000

Mail Online - 27 Jul 2021

France says UK CAN'T turn around migrant dinghies as 2,000 would-be refugees gather on far side of the Channel preparing to make the deadly crossing

Britain has made a dramatic offer to pick up and return migrant boats in the Channel that resist French intervention

Mail Online - 27 Jul 2021

Boris must tell the Tories what he wants his Government to be

Conventional politics are making a comeback

Telegraph - 27 Jul 2021

Illegal boat arrivals erode trust in democracy

The idea of taking back control – central to Brexit – applies strongly to immigration

Telegraph - 27 Jul 2021

Priti Patel is criticised by Cabinet colleagues over concerns immigration rules are contributing to a shortage of food on supermarket shelves

Priti Patel was criticised by Cabinet colleagues last week over concerns that immigration rules are contributing to a shortage of food

Mail Online - 26 Jul 2021

Member of people smuggling gang linked to deaths of 39 Vietnamese migrants in Essex lorry is ordered to pay families of the victims £3,000

A member of a people-smuggling gang linked to the deaths of 39 Vietnamese men, women and children has been ordered to pay the bereaved families £3,000

Mail Online - 26 Jul 2021

Almost 600 migrant Channel crossings at weekend

The home secretary pledged her 'unwavering determination' to stop migrants crossing the English channel

BBC - 26 Jul 2021

Kingpins in Channel smuggling operation ‘living and working freely’ in the UK

Three of the kingpins in operations to smuggle thousands of asylum seekers across the Channel in small boats are living and working freely in the UK

Guardian - 26 Jul 2021

The TikTok ads that promise to get migrants to Britain for £20k: People-smugglers are brazenly touting their services on social media sites, probe reveals

Albanian criminals charging up to £20,000 to smuggle migrants to the UK brazenly tout their services on TikTok

Mail Online - 26 Jul 2021

French cannot deploy drones to search for migrants because of privacy rules

The French cannot deploy its squadron of drones to track migrants because of privacy laws

The Telegraph - 26 Jul 2021

Channel migrants make up almost half of asylum claims after surge in crossings

Channel migrants make up nearly half of asylum claims, up from six per cent in just a year, official figures have revealed

The Telegraph - 26 Jul 2021

The Minister for Hot Air: Priti Patel has promised to stop the flow of illegal migrants ever since being made Home Secretary exactly two years ago... but an analysis shows her words are empty

The Minister for Hot Air: Priti Patel has promised to stop the flow of illegal migrants ever since being made Home Secretary exactly two years ago...

Mail Online - 26 Jul 2021

Latest wave of Channel migrants to hit 22,000

Border Force is braced for 22,000 migrants to cross the Channel in small boats this year

The Times - 26 Jul 2021

Incredible pictures show packed migrant boat dwarfed by cross-Channel ferry as dozens more refugees arrive on UK's shores and Britain becomes 'a laughing stock to the rest of Europe'

A tiny inflatable dinghy packed with migrants was seen arriving in British waters today - as a legal cross-channel ferry waited in the background

Mail Online - 23 Jul 2021

People smugglers offering migrants 'money back' guarantees to cross Channel

Smuggling gangs are negotiating 'money back' guarantees to migrants on social media

The Telegraph - 23 Jul 2021

What are the immigration rules and processes for people trying to claim UK asylum?

MPs have backed a new immigration bill which will make arriving in the UK without permission a criminal offence

Sky News - 23 Jul 2021

Crying toddler and barefoot children are brought ashore as around 100 migrants arrive in the UK today after number crossing the Channel in 2021 ALREADY hit a record yearly high of 8,452

At least five children including a crying toddler were among nearly 100 migrants brought ashore in Dover by Border Force

Mail Online - 22 Jul 2021

Telegraph Letter: Channel migrant crisis

SIR – As a former director of the UK Immigration Service (Ports), I was interested to see that the Home Secretary has made a further payment of £54

Telegraph - 22 Jul 2021

Money alone can’t solve the Channel migrants crisis – co-operation and technology might

The Home Secretary agreed with her French counterpart, Gerald Darmanin, to hand over the extra cash

Telegraph - 22 Jul 2021

Navy should be drafted in over migrants as Border Force just ‘operating collection service’, ex-immigration chief says

AN EX-IMMIGRATION chief has called for the British Navy to be drafted in to handle the Channel migrant crisis

The Sun - 22 Jul 2021

The French are fobbing us off… these boats must be turned back

THERE is little that cross-Channel people smugglers like better than the beautiful, sunny weather we’ve experienced in the past few days

The Sun - 22 Jul 2021

Record of Failure: More Illegal Boat Migrants Have Landed in Britain This Year Than All of 2020

The number of boat migrants illegally crossing the English Channel from France has surpassed the yearly record

Breitbart - 22 Jul 2021

Six men and one woman are arrested in raids targeting people smuggling network suspected of trafficking hundreds of Albanian migrants to UK

Seven people have been arrested in an operation that police hope will have 'significantly disrupted' a people smuggling network

Mail Online - 21 Jul 2021

'None of us can swim': Kuwaiti girl, 12, whose family paid £8,000 to people smugglers for perilous crossing from Calais is among hundreds more arriving today as 2021 total passes 8,000 - the same as the whole of 2020

A 12-year-old Kuwaiti girl whose family paid people-smugglers £8,000 to make the treacherous journey from Calais to England is among an ongoing surge

Mail Online - 21 Jul 2021

'We will end up with even more chaos': Govt warned immigration bill will make the situation worse

The government's Nationality and Borders Bill will only bring more 'chaos and delay' to the UK's 'dysfunctional' immigration system

Sky News - 21 Jul 2021

Channel migrant crossings into Britain hit new record

The number of illegal migrants crossing the Channel into Britain passed the annual record yesterday as Priti Patel came under fire

The Times - 21 Jul 2021

Record number of migrants cross Channel in one day

Home Office says at least 430 people made the dangerous crossing on Monday

Guardian - 20 Jul 2021

Record number of migrants cross the Channel in one day

At least 430 people crossed the English Channel on Monday

Telegraph - 20 Jul 2021

French navy dumps boat of migrants on baffled TV crew in English Channel

France accused of escorting dinghy crammed with 13 migrants and leaving them with Good Morning Britain crew reporting in the English Channel

Telegraph - 20 Jul 2021

French warship escorts 13 migrants in overcrowded boat into British waters and leaves them with stunned GMB news crew

A FRENCH warship escorted 13 migrants crammed on a tiny dinghy into British waters before leaving them with baffled GMB reporters

The Sun - 20 Jul 2021

One hundred more migrants arrive at Dover in seven boats after taking advantage of flat calm conditions to cross Channel

Up to 100 migrants were brought ashore by Border Force officers today after they took advantage of the calmer waters

Mail Online - 19 Jul 2021

Police rescue 72 children and 27 adults in UK in Europe-wide crackdown on human trafficking as 38 suspects are arrested for crimes including drugs and sexual exploitation

Police have rescued 72 children and 27 adults in the UK as part of a Europe-wide crackdown on human trafficking

Mail Online - 19 Jul 2021

The economic impact of our European migration miscalculation is only just becoming apparent

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) now believes inflows from the EU were “potentially understated by around 90,000 people per year'

The Telegraph - 19 Jul 2021

Let more workers in to ease staff shortages, says government adviser

Immigration rules will need to be temporarily relaxed if widespread labour shortages persist, according to the Government’s official migration adviser

The Telegraph - 19 Jul 2021

European lorry drivers could be fast-tracked for visas

European lorry drivers could be granted work visas more easily in a bid to solve a growing haulier crisis

The Telegraph - 19 Jul 2021

Blood feud behind bars: Two ruthless Albanian gangsters, a £20m cocaine deal gone wrong and a vicious kidnapping and revenge killing - all while both were in jail

Albanian sources told the Mail as many as six investigators from the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) now work in Tirana

Mail Online - 19 Jul 2021

Britain isn't working: 'Perfect storm' of the pandemic, furlough and Brexit has left hundreds of thousands of vacancies unfilled - and could spark food shortages, inflation and a stalled recovery

Across the land, in industries from agriculture to food production, personnel to social care, company bosses are tearing their hair out

Mail Online - 12 Jul 2021

Migrant boat crisis is hitting Tory support in Red Wall seats, Boris Johnson is warned

Boris Johnson has been warned that the failure to tackle the migrant boats crisis is hitting Tory support in Red Wall seats

Mail Online - 12 Jul 2021

Victory for Priti Patel as Albanian killer who raked in £40k a year from car wash job - and was once on Interpol's most wanted list - is finally deported after five years

An Albanian murderer who raked in more than £40,000 a year from a car wash business has finally been deported

Mail Online - 12 Jul 2021

A warning to Britain... The Woke are coming: US political pollster FRANK LUNTZ warns his research has found alarming evidence millions of young people in the UK are embracing a Left-wing creed that despises the country and could destroy it

These are disturbing findings. Yes, the clear majority still believe that Britain is a good place. But many millions of Britons do not

Mail Online - 12 Jul 2021

Illegal migrants to escape prosecution as CPS targets smugglers

Limited public interest in charging those arriving in Britain in small boats or by lorries as they have 'no choice in how they travel'

The Telegraph - 9 Jul 2021

Priti Patel signs deal with Albania to speed up deportation of crooks who were born there but moved to Britain

Criminals as well as those who fail to be granted asylum from Albania will face a more rapid return to their home country under a post-Brexit deal

Mail Online - 9 Jul 2021

Profit-seeking gangs use poorest migrants as decoys to get ‘first class’ refugees to UK

Trafficking gangs behind rising migrant crossings in the English Channel are attempting to overwhelm coastguards

iNews - 8 Jul 2021

Moment terrified migrants climbed Devon cliffs after perilous sea journey

Police have released dramatic footage showing how they tracked a people smuggler whose boat ran aground off Teignmouth

Devon Live - 8 Jul 2021

War on people smugglers is doomed to fail

Given the numbers, we don’t have to do it like this

The Times - 8 Jul 2021

I back Priti Patel's crackdown on migrants. There's just one problem - we've heard it all before, writes Migration Watch UK chairman ALP MEHMET

However well-intentioned Ms Patel's proposals are, my biggest reservation is that we have heard it all before

Mail Online - 8 Jul 2021

Priti Patel to withhold visas from countries that do not take back illegal migrants

Priti Patel is to get new powers to withhold or reject visas from countries that refuse to take back failed asylum seekers or illegal migrants

Telegraph - 7 Jul 2021

You have 14 days to bring back deported asylum seeker, judge tells Priti Patel

Home Secretary Priti Patel must bring back to the UK an asylum seeker who arrived via a small boat and was later deported to France within 14 days

Telegraph - 7 Jul 2021

RUTHLESS OPERATION How super-dinghies have taken migrant trafficking to a grim new level

POWERING through the choppy Channel waves, this 26ft migrant boat is proof the smuggling gangs have upped their ruthless game

The Sun - 7 Jul 2021

PRITI TOUGH Border patrols will storm migrant dinghies and seize small boats to stop evil people smugglers under new powers

BORDER officials will be able to storm migrant dinghies under sweeping new powers unveiled by Priti Patel today

The Sun - 7 Jul 2021

Migrants are found on FERRY in Dover after smuggling themselves aboard at Calais for the 27-mile Channel crossing

Eighteen migrants have been found on a ferry in Dover after smuggling themselves aboard at Calais for the 27-mile journey

Mail Online - 7 Jul 2021

The end of EU migration will reshape the UK economy

Last week, the deadline passed for EU citizens living in the UK to apply for the right to stay

Financial Times - 6 Jul 2021

Border Force to get new powers in fight against people smuggling

The Border Force will be given new powers to seize people smugglers at sea and send migrants back to France under laws to be published today

The Times - 6 Jul 2021

Border Force to get powers to forcibly detain migrants at sea

Border Force officers are to get new powers to forcibly detain migrants at sea, board their vessels and return them

The Telegraph - 6 Jul 2021

Migrant boats will be turned and sent back across the Channel under Priti Patel's new shake-up of rules

Priti Patel will today unveil powers for UK Border Force to turn away migrant boats in a new bid to tackle the Channel crisis

Mail Online - 6 Jul 2021

PRITI PATEL: This sickening trade in humans by vile gangs must end

This cannot go on and as Home Secretary I will not allow this to continue

Mail Online - 6 Jul 2021

Migrants who cross the English Channel in small boats could be arrested on arrival under new laws brought forward by Priti Patel

Migrants who cross the English Channel in small boats could be arrested on arrival under new laws brought forward by Priti Patel

Mail Online - 5 Jul 2021

Almost twice as many EU citizens as thought have been living in UK

Nearly twice as many EU citizens have been living in the UK as previously thought

The Telegraph - 5 Jul 2021

Former head of Germany's spy agency slams Angela Merkel's immigration policies as 'fatal' and says country is 'declining politically and economically'

Angela Merkel's immigration policies are 'fatal' and Germany is 'declining politically and economically'

Mail Online - 5 Jul 2021

Police close M25 and search lorries after panicked migrants dial 999 to say 'We can't breathe'

Britain's busiest motorway was temporarily closed on Thursday after police received a panicked call from a group of migrants

Telegraph - 2 Jul 2021

Mad scramble to stay in UK as 50,000 EU citizens apply on final day

The settled status deadline for EU citizens saw a five-fold increase in applications on the final day as 50,000 people applied

Telegraph - 2 Jul 2021

Brexit Britain is relaxed about EU immigration

Rules more could be permissive than before Brexit

The Times - 2 Jul 2021

Police and immigration officers in major raid at Wolverhampton scrapyard

Police, immigration officers and the Red Cross took part in a major raid at a 'dangerous' scrapyard in Wolverhampton

Express and Star - 2 Jul 2021

‘Train our own!’ Boris urged AGAINST relaxing immigration rules to combat staff shortages

BORIS JOHNSON should not relax immigration rules in order to combat staff shortages in the UK, a new poll has suggested

The Daily Express - 2 Jul 2021

Record numbers of migrant crossings continue in first six months of 2021

Record numbers of people continue to make the perilous journey across the English Channel in small boats

PA - 1 Jul 2021

UK is not a ‘closed shop’ to migrants, says Priti Patel

The UK is not a “closed shop” to migrants, said Priti Patel, as she launched a new route for foreign graduates to remain in Britain

Telegraph - 1 Jul 2021

EU citizens must get on with applying for settled status, says Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has urged EU citizens eligible for settled status in the UK to 'get on with' applying

Telegraph - 1 Jul 2021

The UK’s immigration figures are a fantasy

Staggeringly, even official figures estimate that closing on 40 per cent of the inhabitants of the nation’s capital were born in another country

The Spectator - 1 Jul 2021


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