Media Reports Archive : December 2021

A blurred distinction between refugees and migrants is a recipe for chaos

If you want to leave your country simply because you think life is better elsewhere, you are not a refugee

The Spectator - 30 Dec 2021

The 1,100 asylum seekers who pretend to be children: Two out of three people seeking refuge in UK claimed to be under 18... but lied about their true age, new data suggests

The number of asylum seekers pretending to be children has reached a record high, according to official data

Mail Online - 29 Dec 2021

Thousand migrants claim they are children to secure asylum

More than 1,100 asylum seekers have falsely claimed to be children over the past year, according to official figures

The Times - 29 Dec 2021

Number of migrants falsely claiming to be children triples in a year

The number of adult migrants falsely claiming to be children has more than trebled in a year to a record 1,100, official figures show

The Telegraph - 29 Dec 2021

More than 1,000 migrants tried to cross the Channel in four DAYS - with more reaching the UK on Sunday alone than in the whole of December last year

More than 1,000 people have been intercepted trying to cross the Channel in the past four days

Mail Online - 21 Dec 2021

Fortress Europe

Europe puts up the wall

Telegraph - 21 Dec 2021

On board the EU spy planes helping to stem the tide of Channel migrants

After border control negotiations broke down with the UK, Europe decided to begin sending spy planes along the coast

The Telegraph - 17 Dec 2021

Migrant flashes 'V for victory' sign as he is among another 30 would-be refugees delivered to UK shore by Border Force vessel in first Channel crossings for 10 days

A migrant was pictured flashing the V for victory sign as he was among a group of men detained by Border Force

Mail Online - 17 Dec 2021

Priti Patel to leave migrants ‘in limbo’ by scrapping six-month deadline for asylum decisions

Asylum seekers could face longer in migration limbo as Priti Patel has refused to set a time limit for responding to their applications

Telegraph - 9 Dec 2021

Peers argue that Priti Patel's plan to turn back migrants boats before they land might be against the law

The legality of Priti Patel's plans to turn back migrant boats at sea has been called into question by peers

Mail Online - 9 Dec 2021

Tory rebellion looms over visa fees for Commonwealth veterans who fought for Britain

A Tory rebellion looms over visa fees charged to Commonwealth veterans who want to stay in Britain

Telegraph - 7 Dec 2021

Processing illegal migrants offshore is the only way to end the crisis

While a bust-up may make good theatre and shore-up Tory support in the very short-term, only effective action will protect borders

Telegraph - 7 Dec 2021

How migration became a weapon in a ‘hybrid war’

“If you want to go west, we won’t choke you, grab and beat you.'

Financial Times - 7 Dec 2021

Death of migrant and unborn child on Poland’s border with Belarus prompts manslaughter inquiry

Avin Ifran Zahir, 38, was found severely dehydrated and with a body temperature of 27C after spending a week in the forest

The Times - 7 Dec 2021

RNLI and sailors who rescue drowning migrants exempt from smuggling sentences

The RNLI and other rescuers are to be exempt from prosecution if they bring Channel migrants into the UK

Telegraph - 2 Dec 2021

Lorry drivers face £2,000 fine for every stowaway migrant, even after security checks

orry drivers face fines of £2,000 for every illegal migrant found in their vehicle

Telegraph - 1 Dec 2021

Soldier's Fijian wife, 38, is convicted of murdering her newborn after 'snapping' over her immigration status and the pressure of supporting her family

A soldier's wife was today convicted of murdering her newborn baby after 'snapping' due to fears over her immigration status

Mail Online - 1 Dec 2021

Channel migrants: Pushing back boats will increase danger, MPs warn

UK plans to turn back people attempting to cross the Channel are dangerous and probably unlawful, MPs have warned

BBC - 1 Dec 2021

Migrants jailed in UK for guiding dinghies fight convictions

A group of migrants who were imprisoned in the UK for steering dinghies across the English Channel are staging an appeal

Arab News - 1 Dec 2021

Armed French cops smash up squalid Dunkirk camp along disused rail tracks where 27 migrants stayed before they drowned in Channel tragedy

Armed French police smashed up a squalid Dunkirk camp today along a disused railway line

Mail Online - 1 Dec 2021


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