Media Reports Archive : September 2019

Former Labour Home Secretary: Why I despair at my party throwing a lit match on the oil of immigration

Labour activists introduced a motion — passed by conference — to award full voting rights to all UK residents. Not citizens but residents.

Daily Mail - 30 Sep 2019

Labour opens the door on migrants: Activists vote for a huge overhaul of UK border controls

Delegates at the party’s conference backed a move to ‘maintain and extend free movement rights.

Daily Mail - 30 Sep 2019

Home Secretary Priti Patel to introduce ‘vindaloo visas’

Previously, takeaway restaurants could not recruit specialist chefs from abroad.

The Sun - 20 Sep 2019

Boris Johnson accused of opening ‘backdoor route’ to Britain by binning tough foreign student controls

Alp Mehmet, Migration Watch chair, stormed: “This unwise and retrograde step will likely lead to foreign graduates staying on to stack shelves.'

The Sun - 12 Sep 2019

Ministers reverse May-era student visa rules

Alp Mehmet, Migration Watch UK chair, said: 'There is no need to devalue a study visa by turning it into a backdoor route for working here.'

BBC News - 12 Sep 2019

This is a full-blown Channel migrant crisis. We need action, not words

The number of clandestine attempts to cross the Channel by boat appears to have grown substantially over the past year, says Migration Watch UK.

Conservative Woman - 2 Sep 2019


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