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Founded in 2001, we have a clear track record of getting our estimates right.

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Migration Watch UK responds to Illegal Migration Bill amendments

Migration Watch UK responds to Illegal Migration Bill amendments to: Prevent the application of Rule 39 Disapply Sections 4, 6 and 10 of the Human Rights Act Imposing a statutory…
28 March, 2023 - Press Release

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Does Britain think immigration is too high?
Polling is central to modern politics. For governments, it is a means of testing public reaction to policies. More and more nowadays it is done with focus groups to test the popularity or otherwise of
24 March, 2023
No, migration doesn't prevent recessions
Immigration saving the Economy? Nonsense! Following the Spring Budget Statement, media commentators, as well as the usual open-borders and immigration enthusiasts, leapt on the Chancellor’s imp
20 March, 2023

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Albanian PM: Suella Braverman’s migrants attack sank relations with UK
The Times (24-Mar-2023)
Downing Street announced that a joint task force would assess Albania’s prison capacity by the end of next month
Migrant bill could stop injunctions holding up removals
The Times (24-Mar-2023)
Judges would be barred from granting injunctions to stop the removal of illegal migrants
SMILES APART Albania’s PM smiles with Rishi Sunak — before slamming how his country’s Channel migrants are ‘singled out’
The Sun (24-Mar-2023)
Edi Rama blasted the Home Secretary Suella Braverman who referred last year to “Albanian criminals”
Braverman’s critics must do better than the mantra of ‘safe and legal routes’
Conservative Home (23-Mar-2023)
The current asylum system brings many evils in its train
Wakefield Council to challenge plan for more asylum seekers
BBC (23-Mar-2023)
Wakefield council is to challenge HO plans to house asylum seekers in their local area

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