Population by Country of Birth

  • The Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimate that in 2019, nearly 9.5 million people living in the UK were born abroad, just over 14% of the total population of the UK. Of these, 3.6 million were from countries now in the European Union and 5.9 million were from non-EU countries. Click here to browse the ONS statistics for yourself.
  • If you are interested in finding out the migrant population born in a particular country then click here to create your own graph.

Migration statistics can be used to estimate the flow of migrants in and out of the UK and to estimate the number of migrants living in the UK (the stock). One estimate of the stock is the number of people living in the UK who were born in another country. Please note that these statistics do not cover most people living in communal establishments, some NHS accommodation, or students living in halls of residence who have non-UK-resident parents. As a result, as the ONS states ‘the population totals are not directly comparable with mid-year population estimates, which refer to the entire UK population’.

The Office for National Statistics produces the Annual Population Survey, a survey of households in the UK. It includes a question on respondents’ country of birth

Figure 1 - Change in non-UK born population of the UK, 2004 to 2019:

The Annual Population Survey has been produced since 2004. Below you can select a maximum of three countries or world regions to create your own graph that shows how that population has changed in the UK since 2004.

Figure 2 - For example, see below the population that is resident in the UK who were Polish Born:

Select a maximum of 3 countries or world regions to see how that population has changed in the UK since 2004:

Non-UK Born

Non-EU Born

EU Born

The foreign born population is affected by both international migration and deaths of existing migrants.

The ONS have produced a user guide that covers frequently asked questions relating to the Annual Population Survey (see here)

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