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Millions of migrants in new flight to Europe

Europe is braced for three million migrants streaming out of Syria to flee a devastating new air and ground offensive by Russia and the Assad regime.

The Times - 8 Oct 2015

Hand over our border controls to Brussels? Not in a THOUSAND years! Theresa May rules out joining any EU migration scheme

Hard-line Home Secretary Theresa May this morning bluntly warned Brussels that Britain would not give up control of its borders ‘in a thousand years’.

Daily Mail - 6 Oct 2015

EU woos Erdogan in effort to stem migration

The EU will offer to potentially resettle hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees from Turkey as Europe’s leaders attempt to entice...

Financial Times - 5 Oct 2015

Can Turkey stop the flow of migrants into Europe?

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is in Brussels to discuss the migration crisis with EU leaders.

BBC News - 5 Oct 2015

Germany expects up to 1.5 million asylum seekers in 2015, says report

Authorities are reportedly concerned about the risk of a ‘breakdown of provisions’, with forecast up from previous estimate of 800,000 to 1 million

Guardian - 5 Oct 2015

We have to make hard choices on Syrian refugees

The plight of migrants pouring into Europe has inspired the generosity of millions of Britons who have lived up to our nation’s long and proud...

The Times - 2 Oct 2015

The three issues Jeremy Corbyn didn’t mention in his Labour conference speech

You can often learn as much about a political leader’s priorities by what they don’t say as much as by what they do...

The Independent - 30 Sep 2015

The Benefits of Migration are Questionable

I am the child of refugees. My parents came to the UK to escape Hitler. Their arrival saved their lives. More passionate patriots cannot be imagined.

Financial Times - 30 Sep 2015

Berlin Agrees Steps to Curb Migrants as Merkel faces Backlash

Berlin on Tuesday agreed measures aimed at curbing an unprecedented surge in migrants, including cuts to cash payments, as a backlash grew ...

Financial Times - 30 Sep 2015

Migrant crisis: Middle classes on the move

It is still startling to see the human river now coursing across Europe, streaming through fields, surging over borders or...

BBC News - 29 Sep 2015

Cost of migration crisis means nothing to us, says top EU official

The EU’s leaders “do not care about the political cost" of their handling of the migration crisis because they do not have to face election...

Telegraph - 29 Sep 2015

UN official calls for asylum assessment centre in Calais

A senior UN official has called on the UK and France to open a permanent centre in Calais...

Guardian - 28 Sep 2015

Europe gets 8,000 refugees daily-UN

A daily flow of about 8,000 refugees to Europe is likely to continue, the United Nations warns.

BBC News - 28 Sep 2015

38,000 migrant kids join schools

NEARLY 38,000 migrant kids needed a primary school space in England this year — a 160 per cent rise since the start of the decade.

The Sun Online - 25 Sep 2015

France signals EU treaty change to avert Brexit, warns on euro survival

'We mustn’t close the door to the British if what they are demanding from other member states is acceptable,' said French economic tsar...

Telegraph Online - 25 Sep 2015


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